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The Windows Media Player ‘previous track’ blooper

Quick, what does this button do?

Windows Media Player Previous Track Button

Go to the beginning of the current track? Hah! Of course not! Thanks to the brilliance of the designers of the Windows Media Player, clicking on this button takes you back to the beginning of the previous track.
So how do you get back to the beginning of the current track? Well, um, let’s see. You could click on what we’ll call the “beginning-of-previous-track button,” and then click on the next track button. Or you could drag the slider to the starting point of the track progress bar. From what I can tell, there really is no clear way to perform the very basic function of returning to the beginning of the current track. With the release of version 10 of the player, I thought for sure they would have fixed this embarrassing user interface screw-up, which I think has existed since the launch of the player. I am utterly mystified by how this blunder can have survived so many releases of the player. Usually, one can make an argument one way or the other for why a design decision was made, but in this case, it just seems plain wrong. Anyone who knows why this was designed this way, please let me know.