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Piratpartiet (“Pirate Party”) Launches High-Capacity Darknet

While Bush & Co. are busy reducing the privacy of U.S. citizens, my fellow Swedes are fighting back on their home front. The Swedish Piratpartiet is releasing a new product called relakks, which essentially is a commercial darknet, (supposedly) allowing users to exist and interact completely anonymously while online. In a world where spyware and other online snooping is becoming increasingly pervasive and sophisticated, a commercial darknet seems like an inevitable response. And it’s great to see the traditionally stoic Swedes getting pissed off at their own government’s steps at prying on their citizen’s activities. Whether or not it’s a good idea for users to be able to function completely anonymously online is a sticky question (yes, I have a right to and want to retain my privacy, but on the other hand, won’t darknets allow terrorists to communicate freely online, and on the third hand, I actually don’t mind some information about me being made known, since that allows for sometimes useful personalization.) What’s more interesting here is that a political party is releasing a (sociologically) cutting edge product in support of their agenda.

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