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BarCamp NYC, Day 1

We’re just starting to get BarCamp NYC underway, and things are going amazingl smoothly – even the security guards down at the building entrance are cool! – part of it, I guess, is that the Microsoft offices are so well equipped, but just generally everything seems to be coming together nicely, such as the cool t-shirts arriving just in time, and the coffee arriving in time – ironically, the only issues right now are with my own presentation – I need to be able present a web site and the testing server on my laptop is being highly intransigent ;) – was working fine last night (famous last words) – the presentation wall is already starting to fill up and even just the few talks posted so far look interesting – a lot of practical how-to talks, and Amit has some kind of theater thing called ‘Half-baked’ – curious to find out what that will be about!