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BarCampNYC2 epilogue – Kudos to Microsoft!

We recently wrapped up BarCamp NYC2, and even though the discussions and presentations were all great, the real hero of the event was Microsoft, who so graciously made their expansive Midtown venue available to us. Both Peter Laudati, and the management at the Microsoft New York City offices deserve a huge round of applause for allowing us to spend a minimum of time of thinking about venue logistics and virtually all our time exchanging ideas about all things new media. I am especially amazed that Microsoft allowed event participants coming in from out of town (and even some locals) to stay the night in the offices. Many of the other venues that were approached balked at this, due to legal/safety/insurance concerns.

Another of my favorite aspects of this year’s events was having a bunch of people from Google hanging out at the Microsoft offices – I am so sad that I missed the ‘Why Microsoft Sucks’ talk, which was put on my people from Microsoft who wanted to hear about all the gripes and issues people have with ‘The Evil Empire’ – I would imagine that it was both contentious and constructive.

Can’t wait for the next BarCampNYC…