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Adobe CS3 and UXD workflow

So I’m currently watching the live webcast of the Adobe CS3 launch – the most exciting part so far, from the perspective of a User Experience is about the focus on prototyping – in other words, integrating features into the tool that are specifically intended for presenting unfinished work to clients. Until now, major apps like Photoshop and Dreamweaver are all about creating the finished product. While that’s all good and well, the reality is of course that to get to that final deliverable, you need to iterate through a series of increasingly refined concepts. For me, this is potentially super-exciting, since I’ve already been hacking ways of presenting work in progress for clients with these tools, and will now have tools that were actually designed for this(!) For example, you’ll be able to insert sketches of designs and then add hotspots to them to be able to click through the various sketched pages with a user or a client. That’s of course not too amazing (and there are agile tools out there that already support it), but apparently, from what I could glean, this is all integrated into a workflow in which you iterate into your final design. In other words, Adobe is recognizing UXD as part of the production process and integrating it into their tools – but I’m going to want to play around with an actual tool until I uncork the champagne….