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Give yourself a at xhtmlized

So my friend Brett just showed me the site xhtmlized, which is probably one of the coolest web 2.0 sites I’ve come across in a while, mostly because they aren’t doing the same old web 2.0 stuff, but are instead applying it to (I think) something new – pricing. In a way, they’ve entrepreneurialized themes and web standards. Anyone can throw up a few cool themes on the web and make them available for free, but in most cases, the person interested in those themes will want to tweak/personalize for their own needs – or maybe they like the theme but they also don’t want people coming to their site and saying oh, they used theme such and such. So then they’re stuck between trying to create something from scratch or using an existing theme and all the work has gone into it and then try to customize it – which they can probably do with little effort if they’re developers. But if you’re a non-techie or just plain don’t want to deal with the dev side of things, what you really want is someone who can add that extra personal touch – because that’s often what you need (at least that’s how it was for me), you like the theme, but you want to maybe move that thing over there and one of those widgets and put them down there, etc. etc. From their long list of testimonials, it looks like the guys at xhtmlized are doing quite well. It’ll be interesting to see if this model catches on and gets more widely used.