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SitePal – Boo brought back from the dead?

I subscribe to a great newsletter from SitePoint about all things web design, and they usually have lots and lots of great digital tidbits to share, but I think this time they might be slightly off the mark with the following heading for the article: “Spice up your Design Projects and Get Noticed.” It’s the title for an article about a service called SitePal. I think it took me all of a nanosecond or two after arriving at the site to have flashbacks. The first thing you’re greeted by when the page loads is a scary-looking animated character.

One of the many characters you'll be greeted by when arriving at

In a comically bad synthetic voice, she proclaims “Put a character like me to work in minutes. I’ll spice up your site.” Actually, if anything I think she might scare people away from your site. I know that if I saw one of those things on a commercial site, I’d be gone pretty fast.

  1. It IS a joke. I laughed my ass off at a commercial site just now that had it. I was like wtf? Are you TRYING to get me to leave and not pay for your service? I’m not sure what idiot thought this would be a “great” idea for a half-ass animated mp3 stream with a scary 2d character, but I think they should be shot through the head before they can “spice up” any more sites.

  2. I totally agree! I went to SitePal and thought it was a joke. Who in the world would pay to have this kind of stuff on their web page?

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