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Fullerscreen turns the browser into a real desktop (sort of)

I just added the Fullerscreen extension to FireFox and was immediately hooked by the true full-screen view it allows for. Here is a sample of how Gmail appears on my monitor (with my actual email blurred out of course.)

How fuller screen looks like on my desktop

In a small way, it makes the Web 2.0 idea of the web as platform a bit more manifest, if nothing else just visually. If I were to show the screen to someone who was not familiar with Gmail, they may think they’re looking at a desktop app. I think a natural next step in the browser-as-platform evolution would be for this form of desktop-like view to become more of a default and more integrated into the actual desktop. Right now, if you want to get back to the desktop, you have to first escape out of Fullerscreen. It would be great if, for example, the Dock/Taskbar would appear when hovering over the hot zone, just as if you were viewing an actual desktop app. Nonetheless, I definitely recommend adding Fullerscreen to Firefox .

  1. This convertion already start by MS. Windows 95+ version’s backbone application is Internet Explorer. These systems `html templates` tunes folders view.

    And if you are used Windows 2000, you can view the html code of folders.

    Web-Desktop separation has one big issue : Security. If we can supply enough security on web (privacy), we can win.

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