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New Course I’m Teaching at Smart Experience: Prototyping in Practice

I’m really excited to announce a new course I’ll be teaching at Smart Experience: “Prototyping in Practice.” This will be a two-session course, in which we’ll first lay the groundwork by discussing what prototypes are–focusing on web-related prototypes–and why they matter (as in asking the question “What if we skipped the prototyping part of the design process? What is the cost, risk, etc.) and then explore when the best time is to prototype, what parts of a design to prototype, the level of fidelity that will be sufficient to accomplish the prototyping objective and much more. Finally, we’ll get to the meat of the course, which will be a discussion and hands-on workshop, where we’ll explore various prototyping tools and methodologies. This is a great course for anyone who either is fairly new to web design or has been doing it for while but wants to extend their skill set to include prototyping. Read the full course description here and, if you decide to sign up, as a thank you for stopping by my site, feel free to use the discount code FOSE (“Friends of Smart Experience”) for a 10% discount on the class.