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Gmail gets even smarter (mostly)

I think it’s been a couple days now since Gmail was updated to a new version (apparently only for some users, but for whatever reason I was one of them.) It seems to still be a bit buggy. For example, when I click on the Contacts link, I sometimes get the following blank box.

Blank contacts box in new version of Gmail

This only happens sporadically. When it works right, I get the new Gmail contacts interface

Gmail contacts - default view

The “most contacted” feature is all good and well, but my favorite feature is the groups feature. No more cobbling together the same list of people to send messages to. While it works great overall, again some bugs are apparently still being ironed out, such as the inline Add New… group option

Inline add new group - seems to still be buggy

This seems to still be buggy (had to first go and use the add new group and then I could use the add to group option), but that’s all water under the bridge, as I’m sure this will be fixed soon.

Oh, and the other great improvement, which probably tops all the visible features – Google apparently recoded the front-end of the app, cleaning up what likely must have been iteration after iteration of Javascript for each new feature added over the months and years – the result is incredible. I remember being impressed with how zippy Gmail was when it first was released, and I guess I hadn’t noticed that it gradually had become pretty sluggish over time – no more.

So I guess the only question that remains is: how many more updates does Google need to do before the thing no longer is in Beta?