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Buzzword: why Google Docs should be Flash-based

After having just spent a few minutes playing around with Buzzword, a new WYSIWYG web-based document editor, it’s hard to return to Google Docs. I mean, it just feels so clunky compared to this elegantly designed editor. Sure, Google docs is a lot more than a WYSIWYG editor. But looking strictly at the editor features, Buzzword completely blows Google Docs out of the water. And it’s still only in preview. One reason for this is because the people at Virtual Ubiquity made what I think was a very smart decision and designed the app in Flash, which just makes it so much easier to add advanced functionality beyond the glorified Rich Text Area interface the Google Docs really is. Oh, by the way, I’m talking strictly about Docs here – the far more complex Google Spreadsheet remains a work of art.