Taking the UX Book Club to the edge

This last Thursday, we had the first NYC edition of the UX Book Club.  I attend a lot of UX-related events, but this one had a palpable energy and excitement that I haven’t seen in some time.  At the beginning of the event, some of us offered mini-reviews of our book choice, Bill Buxton’s Sketching the User Experience.  Peter March gave such an impassioned review, I kept expecting him to whip out a bible and start waving it.

The User Experience of Resumes and Work Samples

As someone who has done a lot of interviewing over the years, and as a participant in the IA Institute Mentoring Program, I’ve looked at countless resumes and work samples.  I am currently reviewing another such set of documents, and was about to start writing them an email with my comments, but realized that I’d basically be providing very similar feedback that I’ve provided to many other mentees.