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Build a Simple Note-taking App with Meteor and React

To build on previous articles on getting started with Meteor and using data in a Meteor app, I created a basic note-taking app that can be a great starting point for beginner programmers who want to take their JS, Meteor, and React skills to the next level.

Basic Meteor/React note-taking app

Basic Meteor/React note-taking app

  1. Get the code on GitHub
  2. Clone the repo
  3. Follow along in the comments: start at /app/client/main.js

Some topics covered

  • Eager vs Lazy Loading
  • ES6 Modules (import/export)
  • Publications and Subcriptions
  • Creating your own mini CSS framework
  • Creating React components using plain functions vs with React.Component
  • Setting propTypes and defaultProps
  • Defining and updating React component state

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